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 Higher Sales At Lower Marketing Cost

"Truth #23: It makes little sense for a small business to retain the services of an ad agency. Better work at more reasonable prices is available from a marketing consultant."

Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

H. Burke & Company is the real estate marketing consultant that can help you:

Increase your sales;
Lower your marketing costs;
Improve your sales closing ratios.

We're a marketing agency, not an ad agency. Advertising is about communications. It focuses on ads and its goal is leads.

Marketing is about competitiveness. We help you pick the right customers to target, the right products to offer, the right prices to charge, the right promotion plan to fund, and the best way to make your product different and better than your competitor's. Our goal is helping you increase your sales and profits!

We know of no other marketing firm with hands-on development
experience and so consistent a record of sales success.
 Seven Ways We Can Help You...
here are seven ways we can work with you to increase your sales and lower your marketing costs:

1. We can lead you through a "customer oriented"  look at your total marketing mix - your product, your pricing, your spending and your sales team.

2. We can review your marketing plan from top to bottom - offering ideas on product and pricing; suggesting better ways to generate leads and tours; and making recommendations to maximize closing ratios.

If you need new ads, billboards or collateral material we can help you create them around strategically compelling claims - with clear statements of benefit, credible "proofs-of-claim," qualifying information on product and pricing, and non-threatening calls to action.

4. We can help you put together effective visitation programs to convert leads to tours -using disciplined fulfillment packages; managed telemarketing efforts; and cost-effective visitation offers.

5. We can help you improve the chances of selling your prospects when they visit - by offering practical, hands-on training programs to sharpen your agent's performance at each step of the sales process: greeting, qualifying, benefits selling, trial closing, overcoming objections, and closing.

6. We can help you keep in touch with your prospects after they leave - through telemarketing, newsletters, promotion announcements, off-site meetings, and inviting re-visitation offers.

7. We can help you uncover problems and opportunities through post tour research - by showing you how prospects rate your community; what they like and don't like about it; where else they're looking; how they think your community compares; and whether they're still interested.

"Advertising is about communications.
Marketing is about making your community more competitive.
We bring 30 Years of Marketing Experience...
  H. Burke & Company has the experience needed to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

For nine years Richard Burke was President of The Branigar Organization, Union Camp Corporation's real estate subsidiary. Profits increased six-fold and Branigar earned national recognition from ULI, Mobil, Golf Digest, and Builder
  In 1986, ULI's Award for Excellence described The Landings on Skidaway Island as "...one of the best planned, best managed communities in the nation."
Magazine under his leadership.

Since forming R. H. Burke & Company in 1987, this base of experience has been further strengthened by exposure to the marketing and sales approaches of 110 clients from 22 States and 3 foreign countries. The firm has analyzed marketing problems, created product concepts, run local and regional marketing programs or trained sales staff for market leaders like Westvaco, GID and International Paper in the US, Wesbild Holdings in Canada, Hacienda Pinilla in Costa Rica and U.P.G. Development in Kiev, Ukraine.


Our Programs Work...
e're highly skilled at both local and regional marketing. Our track record proves that the ideas and recommendations we offer can help you significantly increase your sales and improve your marketing efficiency regardless of prospect source.
"Our marketing credentials are strong,
and our client list is just as impressive."
Our Work Varies From Single Day Visits To Completion of Specific One-Time Projects...
H. Burke & Company has a record of helping communities increase their sales and lower their marketing costs!

We can help sharpen your methods of generating leads, motivating them to visit and closing them when they tour.

We can help you differentiate your community from its competitors in ways that are meaningful to buyers.

We can help assure that you're attacking your most productive markets with exactly the right mix of advertising, pre purchase inspection, promotion and personal selling effort.

To learn how these valuable sales and marketing skills can be put to work at your community for a day or on a given assignment, call us.

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