R. H. Burke: real estate sales training

s Founder and President of R. H. Burke & Company, Richard Burke brings a wealth of academic and practical experience to the solution of real estate issues including determining the best use for a given piece of land; judging the accuracy of pro forma assumptions; assessing a project's potential for regional marketing; dealing with stalled sales or low closing ratios; or assuring that money committed to marketing is being effectively spent.

Schooled At Wharton and P&G
These strategic marketing and sales skills are an outgrowth of his unique background. Mr. Burke holds an MBA degree in marketing from the Wharton School, consistently rated among the top five business schools in the nation. He sold for Johnson & Johnson and rose through the ranks to become a successful Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, a forty billion dollar corporation known worldwide for its marketing prowess.

Three Decades of Real Estate Experience
Residential development involves substantial risk and nothing reduces this risk more than prior experience in the industry. Mr. Burke has this vital hands-on
In 1986, ULI's Award for Excellence described The Landings on Skidaway Island as "...one of the best planned, best managed communities in the nation."
experience. For eleven years he ran The Branigar Organization, a residential real estate company that developed seven communities in four Midwest and Southeast states. And for the past twenty years, he has provided wise counsel and a complete range of marketing services to some of the nation's leading residential developers.

In addition to increasing Branigar's revenues and profits six fold, the company's projects earned national recognition for quality and service under Mr. Burke's leadership. ULI named The Landings on Skidaway Island ". . .one of the best planned, best managed communities in the nation," Eagle Ridge Inn achieved Mobil Four Star status, and Golf Digest rated Eagle Ridge's two golf courses the 37th and 38th best resort courses in the country.

Marketing Advisor To Developers In The US, Canada, Costa Rica and Ukraine
Since forming R. H. Burke & Company in 1987, Mr. Burke's real estate experience has been further strengthened by constant exposure to the planning, marketing and sales approaches of giants in the development industry. Mr. Burke has been called upon to create product concepts, field and analyze customer research, run local and regional marketing programs, test innovative marketing strategies and train on-site sales staff for 110 clients in 19 States and 3 foreign countries. Those clients include Westvaco Development Corporation, GID and International Paper here in the United States, Wesbild Holdings in Canada, Hacienda Pinilla in Costa Rica and U.P.G. Development in Kiev, Ukraine.

R. H. Burke & Company Can Help You
Over the past 30 years, Mr. Burke has mastered each step in the marketing process through observation, through research, through testing and through simple trial and error. He knows how to generate leads efficiently, how to motivate prospect visitation and how to maximize sales closing ratios on site. He can bring this experience and skill to your land, sales force or real estate development.

"Nothing So Improves The Prospects For
Success Than Prior Experience
With The Task At Hand."